Epcot Center Pillars Fountain Disney Photo of the Week

Epcot Center Glass Pillars Fountain Disney World

For this Disney Photo of the Week, we look a long way back in the history of Disney World, back to the days of Epcot Center.

Originally, before passing under Spaceship Earth you would come across a fountain that would become an iconic part of the entrance of the park. This fountain featured a series of three glass pillars all featuring the original Epcot Center logo, atop a smooth water fountain. Its sleek design fit with the clean futuristic vibe Future World tried to create.

This would last until the entire entrance plaza of Epcot was changed forever, with the addition of the Leave Legacy monoliths. The fountain did not fit with the new plans for the entrance and it was altered to fit for the new design. This involved the removal of the pillars which later ended up in the hands of collectors and was sold on eBay. 

This would appear to be the end for this fountain, but now it appears the glass pillars will be making a comeback, as they are shown in concept art for the new entrance to Epcot. It should be a welcome addition to a park in sore need of a return to its roots.