Red Car Trolley News Boys Disney California Adventure

Disney rarely utilizes their lesser-known live-action films in the parks, especially years after their release. This is why it is so pleasant that as part of Buena Vista Street we have such a great tribute to the musical film Newsies in the Red Car Trolley News Boys.

This show features a lot of classic movie musical songs, including Seize the Day from Newsies. The show follows a series of News Boys in California delivering and reporting the news. Towards the end, Mickey Mouse himself even joins them, ready to make it big in the movies. This show is set in a time before Steamboat Willie, Mickey hasn't made it big yet so he needs to prove himself to the newsboys.

This is a look at the original version of the show with the show's namesake trolley. The show currently runs in an altered state without the Trolley due to the construction of the Marvel-themed land replacing A Bug's Land.

The News Boys' show is a great callback to the feeling given by classic movie musicals while also featuring that signature Disney style. It is a great diversion with its live performers and great dancing and can be a highlight of any day spent in the park, even without the trolley. Let's hope the trolley comes back soon though.