Main Street USA: Disneyland Guide

Main Street USA Flam Lamplight Disneyland

Main Street USA is your gateway to Disneyland. Taking you to the turn of the century American small town that never was.


Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln Facade Disneyland at Night

This attraction is one of the four Disney developed for the 1964 World's Fair, and it continues to show an updated version of that show to this day. The pre-show also features a gallery showcasing themed to seasonal exhibits. Beware this attraction can be replaced with movie previews on occasion, so check the app before you visit.

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at Night Disneyland

Main Street Cinema

Main Street Disneyland at Night Disneyland

The Main Street Cinema is an opening day attraction at the park, showcasing a classic style theater showing black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons. It was briefly turned into a shop but has now shifted back to an attraction after guest backlash, now updated with benches.

Main Street Vehicles

Disneyland Main Street Fire Truck

Want to ride an authentic early 20th-century omnibus or fire truck. Here at Disneyland, you can!


Plaza Inn

Plaza Inn Disneyland at Night

This restaurant has, in my opinion, the best character meal in the US for breakfast, with more characters and variety of characters than any other meal.

For other meals, it becomes one of the best counter service places in Disneyland. Try the fried chicken. TRUST ME.

Carnation Cafe

This is a great table service place that never gets the credit it deserves. It isn't that big, but it has a quaint feel and serves quality American comfort food, with rarely any significant wait for a table.

Little Red Wagon

At the end of Main Street, you'll find a cart with a long line outside of it. That line is worth it as this wagon holds some of the best Corn Dogs in the world. Don't believe me? Check any Disney blog that talks about food.

Gibson Girl

Gibson Girl is the ice cream shop, and it is easily the best ice cream in the park (besides the Dole Whip of course).


Disneyland Fantasyland Themed You Are Here Mug

There is a Starbucks on Main Street. It also has these great Disneyland themed mugs on the inside like the Fantasyland themed one shown above.

Jolly Holliday

Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe Disneyland Main Street USA

This is a Mary Poppins themed bakery. It also tends to get whatever seasonal treats are out at the moment, so be sure to come here for your millennium pink macaroon (or whatever color is trendy when you read this).



Emporium Disneyland At Night

The Emporium is the all-encompassing Disney store in any Disney castle park. It holds a kind of best of series of merchandise from the entire park. Think of it as the last stop shop before you leave the park.

Crystal Arcade

Crystal Arcade Disneyland at Night

The Crystal Arcade is more of a classic style shop, in line with the theme of Main Street USA. It has a series of games that date back to the time of the land.

Disneyland Firehouse with Hook and Ladder Co.