Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 25th Anniversary

Happy 25th anniversary to one of the most terrifying and suspenseful rides at any Disney Park in the world, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

This ride opened as part of the Sunset Boulevard expansion of the park, giving the park its first thrill ride and giving Disney World its first ever drop tower.

The ride takes the form of putting you in your own original episode of the classic Twilight Zone series. Instead of recreating any of the classic episodes, it fills the Hollywood tower Hotel with relics of the Twilight Zone, before sending you on a service elevator ride straight into the fifth dimension beyond the limits of time and space.

This ride is currently undergoing a massive refurbishment to fix many effects that have broken over the years. As it is being done with the ride still open, some parts have already been fixed and they look better than the ride has been in years.

This version of the ride is the definitive version, as future versions including the defunct Disney California Adventure Version and the Disneyland Paris version failed to recreate the signature 5th Dimension scene.

With the exception of changes to the number of drops, this remains the same ride that has been horrifying guests for 25 years. This ride continues to scare visitors and hopefully will continue to for years to come.