Ferris Wheel Lake Compounce Guide

Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce Ferris Wheel Ride

Opening Date: 1997

Lake Compounce is a classic style amusement park, and as such it has many of the classic amusement park rides. One of the most popular is the Ferris Wheel.

Located in the back of the park, the park's Ferris Wheel ride is positioned at the highest point of the park available on guest pathways, giving it amazing views of various different attractions in the park, as well as the park's titular lake.

At night, this attraction lights up with dancing lights, giving it a special character and bringing some life to this section of the park each night.

Thrill Rating 2/10

This is a slow-moving Ferris Wheel style attraction. It may be somewhat frightening for those with a fear of heights.


Ferris Wheel Attraction Lake Compounce

Ferris Wheel Lake Compounce Backside at Night

Lake Compounce Ferris Wheel Night Time Lights