5 Facts About The Minutes on Broadway


The Minutes Broadway Playbill In Front of Set

The Minutes is a critically acclaimed play currently running on broadway. This show follows a secret being revealed at a local city council meeting.

Here are five fun facts about The Minutes on Broadway.

1. Theatres

The Minutes Broadway Marquee Studio 54

Following the Broadway shut down due to the COVID19 pandemic, this show switched theatres. It originally played in the Cort Theatre (which is currently being renamed to the James Earl Jones Theatre) and it reopened at Studio 54.

2. Recast Part

The Minutes Broadway Cast Board Studio 54

Following the shutdown, one cast member in this production was replaced. Armie Hammer, who was in the original cast for this show, was replaced following various controversies with Schitt's Creek actor Noah Reid.

3. Pulitzer

The Minutes Broadway Set Big Cherry City Council

This play was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

4. Playwright

Playwright Tracy Letts plays the role of Mayor Superba in the original Broadway cast of this play.

5. Chicago

This play had its premiere in the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago.

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