Westward Ho Trading Co.

Westward Ho Trading Co.

Frontierland has lost a lot of its area-specific merchendise over the last decade. Both major stores in the land have now become home to generic Disney merch (yay?).

Westward Ho Trading Co. has become the home for all the Disney pins you could ever need. An entire wall is dedicated to individual pins and there are display cases filled with special pins currently being sold.

It also has one of the larger pin trading boards in the park either on display in the back of the store or behind the counter.

If that's not enough there is also another pin cart outside and it has another pin trading board.

This store is also where you can go to see a schedule of upcoming Disney Trading Pin releases. The cast members will have a binder with the schedule in it for your convenience.

They also usually carry any available AP exclusive pins.

If you're into pin trading this should definitely be one of your stops for either purchasing pins or trading them.