Apollo's Chariot

Apollo's Chariot
Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Apollo's Chariot Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Appolo's Chariot is a ride which proves several things. For one it proves you don't need inversions to make a great steel coaster. It also proves that a bad start doesn't mean the ride won't be a success long term. 

The ride was built as one of the first Hypercoasters and consistently ranks as one of the best coasters in the world. The ride uses the hills that makeup Busch Gardens Williamsburg to fit big drops in a shorter coaster.

Now it is considered one of the best rides in the park.

But the opening of the ride was a complete disaster.

The opening was highly publicized, with celebrity Fabio Lanzoni taking part in the ceremonial first ride. But then one of the worst things that can happen on an outdoor roller coaster happened. A goose hit him, causing him to ride the rest of the coaster covered in blood.

He was even hospitalized as a result of the incident.

Anyways it is a great coaster and should be a part of any visit to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.