Oswald's Gas Station

Oswald's Gas Station

Land specific merchandise may be dying at the Disney Parks, but no one tell Oswald's Gas Station that.

This is one of the few stores left that sells on theme products. Almost everything in this store is themed to Walt Disney's original animated character, Oswald. Oswald was Walt's first successful animated character, whom he infamously lost the rights to, causing the creation of Mickey Mouse and Steamboat Willie. More recently you may know him from Epic Mickey.

If you want Oswald pins, mugs, hats or more then this should be where you go. You can find it in other places but this is a one-stop shop for all things Oswald.

Oswald himself used to meet guests here, but now it only holds things themed to him. 

This was the first thing specifically themed to him in the Disney Parks after Disney reacquired him from Universal. This land is themed to the time Oswald was popular during so it is great Disney took the time to incorporate him into Buena Vista Street despite his fading popularity.