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Universal Studios Orlando

Ollivander's Wizarding World Hogsmeade

Universal found a way to recreate perfectly almost every part of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley.

This experience allows you a chance to perfectly recreate the wand choosing the wizard moment every wizard goes through to pick their wand.

In it, you will be brought into a wand room with about twenty other guests. One will then be randomly selected to have a wand chosen for them by a specialist at the store. This person will go through several humorous failed attempts before eventually the correct wand is chosen and you are then given the chance to purchase that wand.

The wands from this experience can be used with any of the interactive wand experiences throughout the parks. If you don't get selected it empties into a wand shop where you can buy a special wand or recreation of a character's wand from the film series.

At Universal Orlando Resort you should do this experience at Diagon Alley as opposed to Hogsmeade as the line moves faster here due to there being multiple wand rooms running at the same time.

At Universal Studios Hollywood the Olivanders was given more than one wand room, keeping the line shorter than Hogsmeade in Orlando.