Be More Chill Rush Tickets


Be More Chill at the Lyceum Sign

Be More Chill is an internet sensation that just opened on Broadway. Following a failed tryout in New Jersey, the cast album became a cult smash online leading to a sold-out Off-Broadway run and now a Broadway production featuring many of the original cast members.

The show is about social outcast Jeremy who takes an illegal supercomputer pill from Japan called a SQUIP in an attempt to "Be More Chill" and earn the affection of Christine. In doing this he abandons his old friend Michael and his father in favor of his new popular crowd.

Now, this show has a massive fanbase that is younger than the typical Broadway audience, but they still have ways to get cheap tickets to the show.

The show offers a Rush every morning for $40 tickets to that day's performances. They do not advertise how many they give out but it appears to be more tickets to each performance than your average Broadway Rush.

The tickets can be partial view though. Here is a view of the stage from two different seats offered through the Rush.

Be More Chill Set Broadway

This seat was in the last row of the orchestra right next to the sound booth. Despite being considered partial view I can attest I did not miss anything besides one places the SQUIP hides in one scene. If you get this seat you should have a great view.

Be More Chill Side Mezzanine

The other was a side mezzanine seat in the front row. Unfortunately, this seat has lighting equipment right in front of you, blocking some of the stage. Now, this looks worse than it actually was, as you can see from a look at the curtain call from this location below. It is obstructed but for a $40 ticket its pretty good.

Be More Chill Curtain Call Broadway

The tickets are given out on a first come first serve basis each morning when the box office opens. It opens at 10am every day except on Sundays when it opens at noon.

If you want to see a new Broadway show or are a part of the intense internet fandom for this show, this can be a great way to get last minute tickets to the show, just be prepared to camp out for a few hours beforehand.