The Simpsons Ride

The Simpsons Ride
Universal Studios Orlando

Very rarely do theme parks openly mock themselves. Then there's The Simpsons Ride, whose only purpose is to make fun of theme parks and Universal.

This ride takes place in the fictional Krustyland and features you attending the opening of a brand new ride that you are going to test ride along with the Simpson family. Then Sideshow Bob appears and you are sent on a wild ride through Krustyland and eventually the rest of Springfield.

This ride makes fun of everything from lines to food stands to the ride it replaced, Back to the Future: The Ride and all of that is just during the queue.

It really feels like an episode of The Simpsons that you get to go along for with one notable exception: the characters voiced by Harry Shearer. This means no Mr. Burns, Smithers 

The Simpsons Ride Night Universal Hollywood

The ride parodies theme parks in the same classic way as the show. Everything from Pirates of the Caribbean to Shamu gets made fun of.

This ride is intense though, and not for anyone who gets bothered by motion simulators.

This ride might not be around long term. The Simpsons is now owned by Disney and unlike Universal's deal with Marvel, this contract is rumored to have an end date, meaning if you love The Simpsons you should ride it while you can.