Enchanted: Disney Films in the Parks


The fountains of world of color Disneyland

Enchanted was a somewhat unique Disney film. Starting as a classic animated Disney princess movie, it all changed when Gisele was transported to real-life New York City, where she realizes she doesn't love her prince but does love an ordinary man in NYC and the city itself as opposed to her homeworld.

This movie was a hit, with it even getting a sequel but yet it has barely made it into the parks. Not even a meet and greet.

There are rumors about why this is but the main one says that it has something to do with the rights of using the faces of the main actors and actresses from the film.

It does have one major tribute to the film in the parks. The song So Close is used to start the finale of World of Color, showcasing emotional moments from Disney films.

Besides this, the only reference to the film you will find is the occasional use of music from the movie in the background in Fantasy Faire at Disneyland and the Disneyland Hotel.