History of the Hamilton Lottery Broadway

Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theater

Hamilton is the most popular show on Broadway at the moment. Tickets sell out years in advance and the demand for tickets has barely gone down even with multiple productions running daily worldwide.

Tickets sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars and can resell for even more. The only chance you have at cheap, current tickets is the Hamilton Digital Lottery.

A brief history of the Hamilton Lottery.

Originally this lottery was done in person before each show. In fact, a mini-performance would happen along with the lottery known as Ham4Ham. It would frequently feature Hamilton cast members and other Broadway actors.

Lin Manuel Miranda Ham4Ham Hamilton Lottery

This would bring in thousands of people and require police officers to run as it would block traffic in the road.

Eventually, it was decided the in-person lottery was too much of a hassle and it was moved online. That version was so popular that it crashed the website for the first few days it was active.

This is all under control now and there is even a special app to enter the lottery. You can win a maximum of 2 tickets for $10 (A Hamilton) each. This is probably the hardest Broadway lottery of all, with thousands and possibly even tens of thousands of people competing for less than 50 tickets, so don't be disappointed if you don't make it.