Incredicoaster Review

Incredicoaster Review

The Incredicoaster is an Incredibles reimagining of the California Adventure opening day attraction California Screamin'.

Pixar Pier opened in 2018 and featured a Pixar retheme of parts of Paradise Pier. The headliner of this land was the Incredicoaster. This was the first ride based on the fan-favorite series.

The story of the ride is that California Screamin' is being rethemed to the Incredibles in honor of their recent victories (Synergy darling) but Edna Mode and Jack-Jack are too short to ride and wait in the VIP lounge. Jack-Jack escapes and chaos ensues.

This has the makings of a great ride. The launch is much better, featuring a water effect alongside the track. The show's scenes are put in places that were just empty tunnels. Unfortunately, this ride is not a significant improvement on California Screamin'.

It adds a story but loses the views of California Adventure. Even the show scenes feature only static figures, with the only movement being a projected liquified Jack-Jack. In most of the tunnel scenes, it isn't noticeable because you're moving so fast, but the first and last scenes with Edna Mode are OBVIOUS. Especially with the last scene which you can get stuck next to if a train is loading slower than excepted.

Another problem is how much significantly better the ride is at night. This doesn't seem like a problem until you realize that once World of Color comes back from refurbishment you won't be able to ride it at night.

So which was better? I'm still going to say Incredicoaster, but the problem is this was a missed opportunity. This could have been a great ride, but the budget cuts show.