Peter Pan's Flight Magic Kingdom

Peter Pan's Flight

Peter Pan's Flight is one of few rides that can be found at almost every Disney Resort worldwide, only not being found in Hong Kong Disneyland. In fact, Tokyo Disneyland is even creating an all-new Peter Pan ride in a new land that promises to be a next-generation version of this ride.

This ride is often the longest wait in the Magic Kingdom, and recently received new updates in the past few years. 

There is an interactive queue to keep you entertained throughout your wait. It takes you through the Darling house and allows you to play with shadows and Tinkerbelle.

The opening scene is also the sight of constant updates trying to reinvent the magic shown in the scene. See the latest update above.

Then you proceed over London, Neverland and the final battle between Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

Go off to Neverland with Peter Pan in the Magic Kingdom.