Waitress Rush Broadway

Waitress Rush

Waitress Broadway theater New York City

Waitress has been a hit since it opened, despite not winning major Tony Awards. Granted this probably is because it was up against Hamilton, but it is still uncommon.

Waitress Broadway Doors Theater New York City

Tickets continue to be expensive due to a steady stream of stars coming into the show including the composer Sara Bareilles.

There is a way for you to get cheap tickets to Waitress. Much like other shows, Waitress offers a Rush to get low-cost tickets to the show.

Tickets are available when the box office opens for the day, a maximum of two are sold per person and they cost $40 each. For a show where tickets are normally over $100 each, this is a great deal. 

The box office opens at 10 every day, except Sunday where it opens at 12. This is a popular show, so be sure to line up several hours in advance if you want to be sure you will get tickets. You will need to line up even earlier if there is a significant star in the show.

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