Pirates of the Caribbean Bride Auction Update

We Wants the Redhead?

One of the most controversial decisions in recent Disney history was the decision to remove the bride auction from Pirates of the Caribbean featuring the fan-favorite character, the Redhead. It was replaced with an auction featuring Redd (The new pirate Redhead) selling rum.

Some felt this was keeping with the times and giving the character an empowered role where she was in power as opposed to being the product. Others felt it removed some of the historical accuracies of the attraction and its history in the Disney parks, is one of the last things Walt helped to design.

Either way, this changed a Disney classic permanently, removing the popular line "We wants the Redhead" and replacing it with "We wants the rum" and removing the voice of Paul Frees as the Auctioneer. Frees is also Haunted Mansion's Ghost Host among numerous other Disney Parks voices.

Be sure to check out the updated version above and the original below and decide for yourself in the comments which you prefer.