World of Color

Opening Date: June 11th, 2010

World of Color is the most successful night spectacular in the history of California Adventure. Using only water, fire and smoke it is able to tell many Disney stories using their classic songs. The show includes segments based on films like The Little Mermaid, Enchanted, and WALLE.

The original show is still the most popular although there have been several other versions throughout the history of the show. The longest-running of these other versions was the 60th anniversary of Disneyland version, World of Color Celebrate hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse.

Some version of World of Color is performed nightly in the park and can be enjoyed from numerous locations around the park.

Viewing Guide

The absolute best location to watch this is from the desert party viewing location, but that costs money, so it may not be an option for you.

Beyond that, the best location is in a Fastpass viewing location. This can be accessed through getting a Fastpass for the ride near the entrance to Grizzly Peak from Paradise Gardens Park early in the morning. This does not affect your ability to get other Fastpasses. Be aware you should still arrive earlier than your arrival time for the show as the locations are first come first serve.

Your best bet is to get close to the water and as close to the center as you can get. Be aware that depending on the wind you may get wet, especially if you are close to the lagoon.

There is a standby viewing location, but it isn't that good.

If you are looking for an alternative view of the show, try watching it from the Lamplight Lounge. Find out how by going here.



World of Color Rainbow Fountains

World of Color Tall Fountains From Lamplight Lounge

World of Color with Lit Up Mickey's Fun Wheel

World of Color Rainbow Fountains from Cove Bar

Special Information

Pay attention to the Luxo Jr. animatronic on the Pixar Pier sign during the show, you might notice a few surprises.