Trolley Show Main Street USA

Trolley Show

Main Street USA is the first land you come across at many Disney Parks across the globe. In most of these parks, it is just a place for shops and restaurants as opposed to actual rides and entertainment. They might have a theatre or a meet and greet in the buildings as well but that's about it. But that's not the case at the Magic Kingdom.

The Magic Kingdom features a special daily musical performance on Main Street USA that no other Disney Park in the world has. The Main Street Trolley Show.

In this show, the Trolley Kids, some of the many citizens of Main Street USA, ride along Main Street USA on one of the trolleys and stop three times to perform songs from classic movie musicals such as Hello Dolly and more. This show really livens up the area and is performed multiple times throughout the morning.

If you remember seeing the old Magic Kingdom Welcome Show from the Main Street Train Station this is a very similar show, just without any Disney characters involved. It even features the same Trolley Kids that used to be involved in that show as well.

The decorations on the trolley even change with the season (Spring shown above) so it is something that is worth seeing again each visit.

The show makes three stops during each performance time. First, it will stop at the castle end of Main Street USA just before the hub, then it will move on to just before Town Square, and last it will stop in front of the Main Street Train Station. The show is the same in each different location so there is no need to watch more than one of these performances unless you really like the show.

Viewing Guide

It is better to see this from either of the two sides of the trolley than in front or behind it. The performers are only on the sides so you will miss part of the show by not being along the sidewalk of Main Street USA. Do not stand on the actual street, a cast member will force you to move and you will most likely be brought to a less optimal viewing location. Also if you are standing in the direction the trolley will be leaving in be warned you will be forced to move before the show is over so the trolley can safely leave to get to the next show.


Just a little bonus information, after the show the Trolley Kids will continue to hang around the Town Square area to greet guests. If you talk with them they will sign autographs as one giant group but only if all of them are still out in the park. This is one of the most unique character autographs you can do on the property as they all sign together.