DIY Crystal Ball Madame Leota

DIY Crystal Ball Madame Leota

In this DIY project, we will help you make a crystal ball inspired by the Madame Leota from Disney's the Haunted Mansion.

First, you will need a styrofoam head and to paint it blue with white eyes and deep red/purple lips.

Then use a boa of blue and green to form the hair and cover everything except the face with the boa. You may need more than one depending on the size of the boa.

Following this, you will need to find plastic bowls that are big enough to be glued together and create a relative sphere around the head.

Finally, you need either a blue light of a projector to hang above the orb to create the magical effect.

You may also want to use a speaker to play sound effects and add an extra interactive element of the orb.