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In summer 2018 Disney added a new app to include interactive experiences to the parks. This includes trivia and games to play while waiting in line for some rides.

Disney also decided to add some easter eggs to the app if you know where to look.

This will show the easter eggs but not where they are beyond what park they are in.

We'll start with Walt Disney World

Treasure Play Disney Parks App

Try and find this treasure chest somewhere in the Magic Kingdom.

Stitch Easter Egg Play Disney Parks

Looks like Stitch is still causing trouble even after his ride closed.

Tron lightcycle play disney parks

A little look towards the future.

Figment Play Disney Parks app Epcot

It makes sense the only easter egg in EPCOT would be its mascot, Figment.

Toy Story Green Aliens Play Disney Parks app

Where are these aliens causing trouble?

Porg Star Wars Play Disney Parks app

Look out for this porg!

Porgs Play Disney Parks app

AH! More porgs!

Animal Kingdom

Carnosaurus Dinosaur Play Disney Parks

Carnosaurus, That's not our dino.

Navi Avatar Play Disney Parks

Enter Pandora surrounded by the native Navi.

Hitchhiking Ghost Play Disney Parks Haunted Mansion

Welcome foolish mortals.

R2D2 Play Disney Parks

R2D2 storming on the scene.

Star Wars Play Disney Parks

It looks like a tie fighter crashed near Disneyland.

California Adventure

The aliens have arrived.

A giant bug! AHHH!

What's this doing here? This isn't the Magic Kingdom!

And lastly, I don't know what this is? Does anyone have any idea? Please?