Disneyland Summer Promotions

Disneyland Summer Promotions

Up balloons world of color pixar

As we take a look back at Pixar Fest lets compare it to the past couple of promotions Disneyland has done in an attempt to raise attendance over the past few years, starting with the biggest.

Diamond Celebration

This was the celebration of Disneyland turning 60 that lasted almost two years. This celebration featured special decorations around the park and multiple new entertainment options.

It featured a new fireworks show Disneyland Forever. This show featured favorite films from Disney's history like Mary Poppins, Frozen and Lion King and it was also the first to feature projections not just on the castle, but also along Main Street USA.

Also introduced was the at the time brand new to the Disneyland Resort Paint the Night Parade, featuring a Frozen float which was only appeared during this celebration as it was cut for the later California Adventure run of the parade.

Finally, a new version of World of Color was shown during this celebration, World of Color Celebrate. This new show featured Mickey Mouse and Neil Patrick Harris as your hosts on a tour through Disney history. It featured segments based around everything from Snow White to Disneyland attractions to Frozen. (Frozen had just come out if you didn't know).

All of these were temporary and left following the conclusion of the celebration, although Paint the Night would return to a different park.

Summer of Heroes

Collector statue Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout

This was a Marvel celebration centered around the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout. It featured a couple of meet and greets and a REALLY bad show that was a Marvel attempt at the Jedi Training Academy.

It featured no other entertainment options exclusive to the celebration and very few foods or merchandise options.

There was a free exclusive comic book you could get to celebrate the opening of Mission Breakout.

Pixar Fest

Incredicoaster pixar pier disney california adventure

Around the opening of Pixar Pier Disney planned a celebration of all things Pixar. This involved the return of Paint the Night with a new float in California Adventure and a special fireworks show, Together Forever, only for the festival in Disneyland.

Main Street USA View

Rivers of America View

The end of this festival would also coincide with the closing of the first Pixar land in any Disney park, Bugs Land. This land featured several kid-friendly rides and will be replaced by a Marvel superhero land.

Originally Published: 9/5/18

Last Updated: 12/13/18