Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Epcot from shortly after its opening has had an unofficial mascot. He is only featured in this park and has gone through many changes throughout the years even being temporarily removed entirely. After that the fan backlash was so bad Disney was forced to close a then-new ride to bring him back.

That mascot is Figment.

Originally featured in the original Journey Into Imagination, Figment was then a lovable dragon created by the Dreamfinder on his flight of fancy. This ride was popular, but expensive due to the special effects involved in the opening sequence and was closed to be replaced by a shorter, less expensive version.

That version, Journey into Your Imagination, removed both Dreamfinder and Figment, replacing them with a ride based on Honey I Shrunk the Audience (Not the film series, the ride). It also removed the Sherman Brothers song written for the ride, One Little Spark. Figment appeared voice only at the end, literally being shooed off by Nigel Channing, your new guide.

Disney fans hated this ride so much, it was subject to a boycott that as I already mentioned forced its closure leading to this version. It is pretty much Figment making fun of everything terrible about Journey Into Your Imagination, especially Nigel Channing.

I still long for the original version, but this is still fun and features several nods to the original.