Standing Room Etiquette Guide on Broadway

Dear Evan Hansen Standing Room View

Broadway shows that sell out on a regular basis have increasingly started offering standing room only tickets to performances on a regular basis. These are different than other tickets offered for a discounted rate so we thought we would talk about some general manners to follow if you end up seeing a show this way.

To start lets talk about how you get standing room tickets.

These tickets are sometimes given out in a Rush like manner, to people at the box office when it opens. This is how both Hadestown and Mean Girls give out standing room tickets. If you are obtaining tickets like this, be sure you are nice to the people in front and behind you in line. Standing room is given out for assigned spots along a railing, so the people in front and behind you will be next to you during the show later in the day.

If you get it from the lottery (Dear Evan Hansen) you may not know until you get to the theatre that you will be standing. Let me tell you I have won the Dear Evan Hansen lottery twice, and standing room was a better view than the seats I got from the lottery.

Now, each show will have its own rules to follow about the standing room section. We are going to discuss this in two different sections, regular shows, and Hadestown.

Most shows will give you your assigned spot right when you walk in the theater and then give you a speech when everyone has arrived. This normally includes things like telling you you can lean on the railing, but not far enough that you annoy the person in front of you, and to keep the space behind you clear for the theater staff to pass by you during the show. Some shows will tell you that you are free to take any open seats after intermission. Others (Mean Girls) will come and find you at intermission to escort you to any empty seats.

Now let's talk about the rules for Hadestown's standing room.

Now let us say first that Hadestown really shouldn't be offering standing room, there really isn't enough room for it behind the orchestra so there are some extra rules. Please follow them so this continues to be offered as some reports have come out that people have a tendency to be difficult with these rules. We want this policy to last so as many people get a chance to see this amazing show. They already removed the Rush for similar reasons.

So what are these extra rules? First, you will not be allowed to your spot until about five minutes before the start of the show. There just isn't enough room for you to stand there and for people to pass behind you to get to their spots. If you arrive before this, use that time to go look at the merchandise, stop at the bar, or use the restroom. For the same reason, you will not be allowed to stay in this spot during intermission, and you will be led to a waiting location as soon as the lights come up. Don't try to stay, they will move you. I reached down to grab my bag on the floor and had an usher telling me I needed to move before I stood back up.

Standing room is a great way to cheaply see a popular Broadway show, just be sure you are respectful to both the staff and your fellow theater-goers if you choose to see a show this way. It makes it a better experience for everyone involved.