Broadway Shows for the Holidays

Frozen Broadway Wandering Oakens Trading Post

It's that time of year, the time for family and celebration of all the good things in life.

Heres a few Broadway musicals to get you in the spirit of the season.


This show produced the Christmas song We Need a Little Christmas and has a whole scene dedicated to the holiday. It is a great classic style musical for the holidays.


This musical may not be your traditional musical for the holidays but all of Act I takes place on the night of Christmas Eve and Act II starts on New Years. Think of it as a kind of anti-Christmas musical, but still great fun around the festive time.


Not technically a holiday musical but when your main characters include a Queen with ice powers, a snowman, and a reindeer it's hard not to get looped in with the holiday musicals.

Holiday Inn

Another great old fashioned musical featuring a holiday classic. This musical features White Christmas throughout the musical about a performance troupe at a hotel.

She Loves Me

This musical features the shopkeepers of a perfumery from summer to Christmas and has a great song Twelve Days To Christmas about the procrastinating shoppers who wait till the last minute to buy their gifts.

A Christmas Story The Musical

This is a musical version of the holiday classic. It has music by Pasek and Paul the composers behind Dear Evan Hansen and The Greatest Showmen and a well done live version of the musical made for TV a few years ago. A great spin on a holiday classic.