Broadway at the Universal Parks

Broadway at the Universal Parks

Annie orphanage Universal Orlando

As a follow up to a previous Theatre Thursday article I thought it might be a good idea to do a sequel of sorts to Broadway in the Disney Parks.

In many ways, theme parks were inspired by theatre, which has led references to more famous works on Broadway making it into different theme parks.

So let's start our list of theatrical references in the Universal parks around the world.


The orphanage from the first film version of the Broadway musical is recreated at Universal Orlando. Here it is a front for a Ben and Jerry's on the inside.


In reference to the famous musical Cabaret, a sign is on the backlots of New York reading Kitty Kat Club in reference to the Kit Kat Klub where the musical takes place. Inside is just a store.


This reference no longer stands but a production of Wicked used to perform daily in Universal Studios Japan inside a Wizard of Oz section.