Minecraft Disney Parks

Minecraft Disney Parks

Welcome to Minecraft Disney parks, where we showcase recreations of Disney Rides from all over the world and fan favorites from years past.

Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout

A recreation of the reimagined Tower of Terror themed around the Marvel franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy.

This featured the unofficial mascot of Epcot, Figment! For anyone who does not know, this is the original version of the ride which introduced the popular character Figment and the cult favorite Dreamfinder alongside the song One Little Spark.

This popular ride is the icon of Disney's Hollywood Studios and the former hit attraction at California Adventure. This is the Hollywood Studios version.

Expedition Everest

The newest mountain coaster in Disney World. Enter the mysterious Himalayan Mountains of Asia and hope you don't encounter the Yeti.

Coming Soon...

Space Mountain

Beyond that, let me know in the comments what you want to see next from Disney Parks or beyond