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Jungle Cruise Skipper Empty Boat

We are looking for guest writers here at TPE.

While we aren't able to pay guest writers at this time, none of our writers currently get paid, we are more than willing to link to an approved website or social media account on any accepted article.

Writing Conditions

  1. The article must be unique to TPE. It cannot be from anywhere else on the internet.
  2. It must be exclusive to TPE for a minimum of two months.
  3. Any photos submitted are free for TPE to use on any future articles.

What We Accept

  1. We are looking for content related to theme parks around the world. Any park is fair game.
  2. You do not need to provide photos but if your topic is not previously presented on TPE it is unlikely to be accepted without at least one.
  3. We love lists! Top 10 lists. 5 worst lists. Any lists!
  4. Keep your content timely. New rides. Trends in parks.
  5. Minimum of 500 words for all articles.

How to Submit an Article

  1. Contact ThemeParksAndEntertainment@Gmail.Com
  2. In your email include your proposed article topic, a short previously written work of any topic (to prove writing ability) and if you can include pictures. Also, include any links to any websites or social media accounts you would want to be linked in the article. Linked pages/ websites must be child-friendly.
  3. At that point, you will then receive a response from us telling you if your article was accepted or not as well as why that decision was made.
  4. If your article was accepted you will receive further instructions.

Good luck and we hope to hear from you!