Disney World Travelers Guide to Disneyland

Disney World Travelers Guide to Disneyland

So you've decided to branch out from Disney World to the original Disney park. Great. It's a trip all Disney park fans should make at least once. There's something indescribable about walking down the paths Walt himself designed and explored. But planning a trip here is much different than Disney World.


For more details please check out the articles above but here's a brief summary. Even if you are used to staying on property you most likely will not, unless you are willing to pay 300+ per night. But that's not a bad thing. The perks are not as good in Disneyland as at Disney World, and non-Disney hotels can actually be closer to the parks.

The Parks

There are only two parks in Disneyland, but there are actually more rides than in the 4 parks at Disney World combined, so there is a lot to see. We will go through the land by land and ride by ride to make sure you are prepared.