Paint The Night at Disneyland 5th Anniversary

Today celebrates the 5th anniversary of Paint the Night at Disneyland.

This parade took inspiration from the classic Main Street Electrical Parade and updated it with modern technology and musical styles to create something both distinctively modern and nostalgic to the past of the park.

Paint the Night Tinkerbelle Opening Disney California Adventure

Paint the Night began its life as a parade at Hong Kong Disneyland, but got a few new floats for the Disneyland version, notably an entirely redesigned opening float.

Mike Monsters Inc Float Paint the Night Disney California Adventure

It featured modern classics like Monsters Inc and classics like Cinderella.

Rapunzel and Lantern Paint the Night Disneyland

The floats all fit the same general artistic style and flowed seamlessly between each other.

Incredibles Paint the Night Float Disney California Adventure

It most recently got a new float inspired by the opening scene of the Incredibles sequel's opening scene for its first run at Disney California Adventure.

Paint the Night Mickey Mouse Finale

Look back on Paint the Night as we all ask when can we do this again!