Shanghai Disneyland Social Distancing Policies Discussed

Shanghai Disneyland reopened this week and became the first major Disney Park to reopen in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic with a new set of social distancing measures.

We are going to discuss the measures being taken to keep you safe on your trip, and keep in mind that many of these same measures are going to be taken when other Disney Parks eventually reopen in the US or beyond.

Mandatory Masks

Masks are mandatory in order to visit the park, as well as other health monitoring systems.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is being taken seriously at Shanghai Disneyland with tape systems in place in all parts of the resort to ensure guests are following safe distancing measures.

On the outside tape is placed to show where you can stand in shows and around characters.

Inside tape is placed to mark 6 feet between every person, showing where you are not allowed to stand in lines for attractions.

Pay attention to these systems and how they may change over the next few weeks. We are getting a preview of what other parks are going to look like when they reopen.