Discussing Mandatory Masks at Walt Disney World

Today we are discussing mandatory masks at Walt Disney World, as Disney Springs reopens partially today, giving us the first glimpse of how Disney World may implement social distancing as they gradually start reopening following the coronavirus pandemic.

Mandatory masks have become a controversial part of the special reopening procedures at Walt Disney World. Honestly, this is ridiculous.

All the way back to the days of Walt Disney safety was put above all else at the Disney Parks. The four keys of running the parks that are still in place and date back to Walt himself put safety specifically above show.

It is something we all need to do to protect not only ourselves but also everyone else who is visiting the parks.

This is not an ideal situation, but it is something we need to do. It will be difficult, specifically in the hot summer months, but it is not permanent and we will be able to visit the parks without masks again someday.