Worldwide Coronavirus Disney Parks Closure Update Week 1

Welcome to our first of many weekly updates on the worldwide Disney Parks closures due to the Coronavirus. Every week we are going to be here keeping you up to date on the latest information regarding when any of the Disney Parks around the world might reopen or if the closure dates are being extended.

Currently, it appears that Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and Shanghai Disneyland are still in the middle of indefinite closures. We have no idea when these parks may reopen. Most will likely not reopen until late April at the very earliest. Shanghai Disneyland may open sooner as it has started to gradually reopen following a decrease in new cases of COVID19 in China.

Disneyland and Disney World both say they are going to be reopening on April 1st following a gradual closure of both resorts throughout the past week. That is not going to happen. Projections of the disease have gotten worse in the United States since the date was announced and I would expect the date to be pushed back. If I were placing a bet I would not expect the parks to reopen until mid to late May based on how the disease has progressed in other countries.

We also want to discuss how this is impacting current projects at the parks.

Expect all projects currently under construction to be delayed. This means everything from Ratatouille to Tron.

How much they will be delayed is going to depend on how long the closure lasts. It could be only a few months if the closure is short, or if this becomes a more prolonged closure it could delay projects by years. This would be especially interesting at Walt Disney World as there are a lot of projects currently scheduled to be completed in time for the resort's 50th anniversary. Disney could have to increase the speed of construction to preserve their celebration plans.

A final thing we need to discuss is the decreased budgets that will likely result from this project.

I don't think anything currently announced will be canceled. What could be canceled though is projects we know from rumors are in active development but have not been announced to the general public. Things like a potential Coco attraction and a Journey Into Imagination With Figment replacement.

A lot is still unknown but we are going to keep you updated every Friday until this crisis is over.