Ain't Too Proud Online Lottery

Ain't Too Proud Schubert Alley Poster Broadway New York City

Ain't Too Proud is a popular new musical on Broadway chronicling the story of The Temptations through their music.

The show has been extremely popular and it can be difficult to access tickets to the show for an affordable price.

One of the best ways to do this is the digital lottery they offer.

The lottery opens every day at midnight and remains open until 9AM for the matinee and 2PM for an evening performance on the day of the performance you are entering for.

You can win one or two tickets to a performance of the musical, you decide when you enter how many you want. Each of the tickets cost $42 and can be located anywhere in the theater, including apart from each other if you are purchasing multiple tickets. They also may be located in partial viewing locations in the theater and you likely will not know until you arrive at the theater where the seats are located.

The Temptations Musical Ain't Too Proud Broadway Theatre

While you will not get perfect tickets through this lottery, it is a good way to see this amazing show with the cheapest possible tickets. Just be aware that the tickets may be located in a less than ideal spot and you may be sitting alone, the same risk you take with all lotteries.