Princess and the Frog 10th Anniversary

Princess Tiana on the Mark Twain Riverboat Disneyland

It is time to celebrate a decade since the release of one of Disney's last hand-drawn animated features and the first African American Disney Princess with a tribute to how this film has found its way into the Disney Parks.

This movie may not have a major attraction, but its characters and specifically its music has made itself a permanent part of the Disney Parks.

Princess Tiana Disney Parks Character

Tiana is a regular character in both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom and greets guests every single day.

The music from the film has also become a regular part of the Disneyland Band's set, specifically when they perform in Frontierland near the entrance of New Orleans Square.

The movie has also become a part of several stage shows, serving as the finale of Mickey and the Magical Map and one of the scenes in Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire.

Dr. Facilier has also become a regular part of the Halloween experience at the Disney Parks, becoming a part of most Halloween entertainment at the parks.

Princess and the Frog may not have gotten an attraction but it still has a sizeable presence in the Disney Parks.

Happy 10th anniversary Princess and the Frog!