Imagineering Weekly Rumor Update

Frozen Disney Parks Land Scale Model

So this week the main rumors came from Disney itself, with the release of a newly updated Imagineering website. Two main rumors came out of this new site and the photos released on it, and we are going to discuss them here.

Coco Again?

Once again rumors emerged of a Coco dark ride, reignited by what appears to be a VR rendering of a Coco attraction on the Imagineering website. Rumors are after it was canceled for Epcot, it was proposed for California Adventure, where it is currently still awaiting approval.

New Spaceship Earth Details

Epcot Spaceship Earth Storyboard Imagineer

The other major information from the Imagineering website came from what appears to be a storyboard for the reimagining of Spaceship Earth. We discuss it more in-depth here but the basically we get short descriptions of future scenes and possible narration lines.