Future Removals Weekly Rumor Update

Dinosaur Institute Lobby Disney's Animal Kingdom

So this week we are talking about rides at Disney Parks that likely will not survive the next five years, and what if anything is rumored to replace them.

Star Tours

Current rumors indicate that once Galaxy's Edge has been up and running for a few years and the sequel trilogy has run its course, Star Tours The Adventures Continue will be no more at both of the US Disney Resorts. At Disneyland, it will likely be replaced as part of a larger Tomorrowland overhaul, possibly still using the simulators. Rumors do indicate that the Disney's Hollywood Studios version of this ride will be entirely torn down. No ideas for what will replace it, but it will not reuse the existing ride system.


This should be obvious but the current version of this pavilion is not going to survive the next five years. The current timeline says that it will close for some kind of replacement after Spaceship Earth reopens, but this has already been delayed several times so I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen again.

Animation Courtyard

Disney's Hollywood Studios has gone through a lot of changes in the last few years, but with one exception, Animation Courtyard has remained fundamentally the same. Rumors say that Voyage of the Little Mermaid will be first to close, to be replaced by an actual ride, not a show. There are also rumors of long term plans for this land to be connected to the end of Sunset Boulevard. That brings us to...

Rock N Roller Coaster

According to reports, the rights Disney has for Aerosmith are nearing their end, forcing Disney to begin looking into replacements for this ride. This is probably still a few years away, but considering its recent removal in Walt Disney Studios in Paris, I wouldn't count on this ride still existing in a few years.

Rivers of Light

This shouldn't be a surprise, but the Disney nighttime show that has been pretty universally panned, especially in its second incarnation will likely not survive far into the 2020s. Expect a replacement likely around Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary.


This ride seems to always be rumored to be replaced with its Disneyland version, Indiana Jones Adventure, but given the franchise is being rebooted I would place this as even more likely than before.