Epcot Experience Disney Photo of the Week

Panorama Epcot Experience Future World

For today's Disney Photo of the Week, we look at a panoramic view of Future World from the Epcot Experience Center.

This new preview center at Epcot replaced the old Odyssey, which was originally a restaurant, but over the last decade served a variety of other temporary purposes like a Festival Center for the various seasonal events at Epcot.

This building has a deck above a large lagoon providing great views of the rest of the park, from Future World to the edge of the World Showcase.

This location also gives great views of the flower displays at the park during the Flower and Garden Festival, as well as amazing views of the monorail passing by as it makes its way to the station at the front of the park.

This section of the park will soon be renamed to World Celebration once the final Epcot transformation has completed. It is unknown what the final purpose of this building will be after a preview center is no longer needed.

For now, it provides a relatively quiet place to get great photos of the rolling landscapes that make up the lands of Epcot.