Big Hero 6 5th Anniversary

Big Hero 6 Meet and Greet Epcot Baymax and Hiro

Today we celebrate the 5th anniversary of a great Disney animated film that broke the mold of previous hits, Big Hero 6.

This film represented several firsts for Disney animation. It was the first superhero film created by the animation studio, and also the first Marvel Comic to be developed into a full theatrically released animated film by Disney. They took a risk and because of it, we got this great film to enjoy for years to come.

Unfortunately, it has barely made it into the Disney Parks. Hiro and Baymax met in Epcot, although Hiro was shortlived. Baymax still meets but will be leaving the park soon when his building is demolished.

Internationally the rest of Big Hero 6 and the villain from the first film appear rarely, although oddly not as face characters as they appeared in the US.

Go enjoy the Hiro's workshop themed meet and greet in Epcot while you can as it is currently in its final weeks of operation. It is one of few Marvel areas in the Disney Parks, and it recreates a moment from the film down to the smallest detail.

How would you like to see Disney use Big Hero 6 in the Disney Parks? Let us know in the comments below.