Is Disney Hiding a Potentially Controversial Character in the Jungle Cruise Trailer?

So Disney released the trailer for the much-anticipated film version of the Jungle Cruise yesterday, but one character was noticeably absent, a character that if you have been following the development of the film has been a bit of a problem throughout the entire process.

I am talking about the character portrayed by Jake Whitehall, said to be the brother of Emily Blunt's character. This character is one of the main characters in the movie, but they barely got a second of screentime in the first trailer.

Now not every character is going to be featured in every trailer, but this trailer mainly focused on the mission of Blunt and Whitehall's characters to find the magical tree with the help of The Rock's character through the jungle.

If you aren't familiar with the production history of this movie, it went through some massive reshoots recently, and rumors stating that they were mainly due to the way Whitehall's character was portrayed, as the original scenes apparently were deemed to be potentially offensive during the editing process.

Whitehall's character, from early on in the production was reported to be one of the first major gay characters in a Disney film following Lefou in the live-action Beauty and the Beast. But apparently this time the character's sexuality would actually be a part of the story according to reports on the movie's script.

But, the character may not be being played in the most respectful way. Rumors indicate the reshoots happened to try and remove places where the character's sexuality was used as a joke as well as to remove stereotypes that were used for comedic effect. These rumors have been out for a while but they weren't exactly the most credible rumors, which is why we did not initially report on them here, but now with the character almost entirely absent from the trailer, despite being on the main quest of the film it gives them new credibility.

Jungle Cruise Film 2020 First Poster

The character is still being featured in some promotional material, including the new poster also released today, but it is significant they are almost entirely missing from the first full trailer for the movie. It will be interesting to see if this character continues to take a backseat in future marketing for the movie, or if this was a one-time thing unrelated to the reported controversies regarding the character.

Hopefully, the rumors are wrong and this character is not going to come off as controversial, but the character's almost complete absence from the trailer doesn't bode well for it.