Confusion Weekly Rumor Update

Confusion is the word for this week's crop of theme park rumors. Conflicting rumors and actual rumors of internal confusion.


So there has been a lot of different rumors this week about Figment and the future of the Imagination Pavilion, most conflicting with each other. But now it appears even Disney doesn't know something will be here at the end of Epcot's reimagining. Apparently, they want to keep Figment, but each time they get close to building a better version of the ride, the budget is pulled for another IP related project. It is possible an IP is brought in just to make sure the project happens as the current ride is an embarrassment.

Imagination Film

New information may have leaked about a new film in the Imagination Pavilion. This could just be new short films though, as the current ones have been there for a while. Honestly, it would make sense for Get A Horse to leave as Mickey is getting his own short film theater in Disney's Hollywood Studios. As much as I would love a new 3D film, I don't see Disney spending money on this at the moment, especially with so many other theater and screen-based projects coming to Epcot in the next year.