Changes Weekly Rumor Update

We got a bunch of rumors so rather than focusing on any kind of intro let's just dive into all the new rumors.

Rivers of Light V3

Well, it looks like Rivers of Light is changing again according to reports, with changes likely being within the next year. I'll be honest I liked the first version with the live characters, but the current version is almost unwatchable. It really feels like they just inserted in Disney songs to the original show without bothering to incorporate them in a way that fits in any way. There are awkward cuts and moments that just don't work. Hopefully, the next show feels more complete. I honestly don't even care if it includes Disney IP, as long as the new show flows better than the current one.

Night Parade 50th?

There may be no nighttime parade for the 50th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom. Disneyland apparently won't give Walt Disney World a loaner parade again after seeing how they treated the Main Street Electrical Parade and Spectromagic. Disney also isn't willing to spend the money on a new parade, so unless something changes don't expect to see this any time soon at the Magic Kingdom.

Castle 50th

There will be some kind of update on Cinderella Castle for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. Expect it to be less elaborate than the 25th-anniversary castle cake as projection mapping will still have to work on the castle during the celebration.