Post D23, What's Next? Weekly Rumor Update

Once again it is right after D23 and we don't have a lot of new rumors, but I thought I would make some predictions, not based on any insider info as to what will be coming next to the Disney Parks and what other announcements we can expect in the next few years.

Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary

We didn't get any details but it was confirmed the anniversary will be celebrated in all four parks of the Walt Disney World Resort.

Now I would expect this to follow the pattern set by Disneylands Diamond Celebration celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first park. Some of the things included for that were new night shows at both parks, Disneyland Forever in Disneyland and World of Color Celebrate in Disney California Adventure.

But in addition to likely new entertainment offerings, I would still expect the 50 new offerings promotion that's been rumored the past few years.

Here are some of the expecting inclusions for what additions to existing rides we may see in the 50 new offerings:

Big Thunder Explosive Finale (Almost Definite)

It's a Small World Disney Characters (Likely)

Hatbox Ghost (Almost Definite)

Country Bear Updates (Maybe)

Tiki Room Updates (Maybe)

Space Mountain Retrack (Likely but maybe after the anniversary)

Jungle Cruise Updates (Maybe)


The elusive announcement. Everyone says it is going to get announced then it doesn't. Then it makes a reappearance. I would still say this is likely to happen, but this time Disney made a very Universal like decision. They didn't want to announce something long before construction even begins. I would expect this project to begin construction once HarmonioUS is up and running as the temporary staging area for this project runs right up against the proposed location for Brazil.

Another New Disney California Adventure Project

I really have no idea what this will be, but I think there is another project coming after Avengers Campus to Disney California Adventure. I think this could replace either Paradise Gardens Park or Hollywoodland, especially the latter as Philharmagic just moved onto the main street of the land. Long term I could see the part of the land the Red Car Trolley runs on becoming part of Buena Vista Street, and the main land including the Monsters Inc attraction being replaced with something else.


I don't see any universe where the current Journey Into Imagination with Figment survives the Epcot redo. It is a bad ride and its a miracle that Figment remains as popular as he is with such a bad attraction. Honestly, Epcot just can't take another closure right now, with the upcoming loss of the Communicore buildings and Spaceship Earth. Regarding a replacment, I would say it is roughly 50/50 if Figment returns or we get an IP based ride.