Dear Evan Hansen Standing Room

View of Dear Evan Hansen from Standing Room on Broadway
Standing Room View

Dear Evan Hansen is one of the biggest hits on Broadway at the moment. Telling the story of a social outcast who ends up in a social media infused crisis after a lie, this musical has taken Broadway by storm and is still an incredibly hot ticket several years into its run and now with no original cast members left.

As part of the lottery that you can find out more about here, you can win standing room only tickets to the show.

Just know they won't necessarily tell you if you won standing room tickets until you pick them up at the box office. They are given out through the normal lottery, but at least if you win them you can be guaranteed you will be next to the other person you are going with.

If you win the tickets will cost $42 each, the same price as regular lottery tickets.

You need to purchase the tickets within two hours of being notified. For matinees, you are notified if you won at 9am, and for night shows you are notified at 2pm on the day of the performance.

Good luck.