Current Projects Weekly Rumor Update

This was a slow week in rumors, as one would expect shortly after a lot of news was announced, so instead of talking about new projects, I thought we would talk about some of the preexisting projects that have already been announced and how they are currently developing.


The Magic Kingdom Tron coaster is coming along well and appears to be a carbon copy of the Shanghai version. The one difference is it having the Walt Disney World Railroad traveling beneath it. It does appear plans have changed from the original concept art to include a tunnel for the train instead of it being an open-air path under the canopy. This is likely to save maintenance costs on cleaning the underside of the Tron canopy.

Mary Poppins

This is not a dark ride. It will be a spinner, but an inside spinner, which is good considering the lack of inside space in the World Showcase not occupied by shops and restaurants. I would have preferred a dark ride, but honestly, Epcot could use a couple of well done flat rides, and this one is about the best use of IP in the World Showcase I could possibly imagine.

Walt Disney Studios

We got a lot of news about projects coming to this park this week, including the Frozen Land, the Tower of Terror Upgrades, and a new stage show. We also got our first concept art for the Paris version of Avengers Campus.