Weekly Rumor Update Post D23, What Was and Wasn't Announced

So its right after D23 and there are no new rumors so instead, we are going to discuss all of the projects that did and didn't get announced and if they are still a possibility to happen in the near future. If we discussed it as possible before D23 we will discuss it here. Major projects that were announced will have links to more descriptive announcements of them.

What Was Announced

Magic Happens

A new daytime parade is coming to Disneyland starting Spring 2020.

Avengers Campus

The official name for marvel themed land coming to several Disney Parks around the world. Also announced was an Avengers E-Ticket for the Disney California Adventure version of the land.

Mary Poppins Attraction Coming to Epcot

No details on what this will be but it will include a recreation of Chery Tree Lane.

Epcot Festival Center

A permanent festival center is being built in Epcot's World Celebration. It will be a three-level structure with rooftop fireworks viewing.

New Hong Kong Disneyland Frozen Land Details

We got more details on the immersive Frozen land coming to the international park, including an exclusive new attraction.

New Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway Details

We got a lot of new concept art for this ride, specifically for the Disneyland version of the attraction.

Moana Journey of Water

A Moana inspired attraction is coming to World Nature at Epcot.

What Wasn't Announced and What Happened

So a lot that was expected to be announced wasn't (yet they still had time for that weird Target presentation). So what happened to these announcements. Let's go through them one by one.

Galaxy's Edge

We predicted an announcement of a new Star Wars restaurant coming as part of phase two for the land. This didn't happen because they revealed other information about the Star Wars Hotel, and had a press panel already planed a few days later for Rise of the Resistance. If this is still going to happen I would expect this to come after the second ride opens at both Disneyland and Disney World.

WDW 50th Anniversary Marketing Campaign

This got a brief mention, but I guess it's just too early to announce a marketing campaign.


I really don't know what happened here. Insiders pointed to this as a sure thing. There were leaks left and right about this project. This is now the second D23 this was supposed to be announced at where it was completely missing. But (call me a fool) I still think this is coming. We have so much info on it, and Germany was moved away from Brazil's proposed location in concept art released at the expo. It just will be in a later stage of the Epcot project than has currently been announced.

Mystery Animal Kingdom Project

If this happens, I would now guess it will be as a part of the 50th-anniversary announcements, if at all. This was always a low hanging fruit type of rumor.

Under New Management 2.0

Again, if it happens it will be as part of the 50th, but I would not expect it to happen. The only proposal I heard of was for Moana joining the birdies, but I don't think Moana is a big enough IP to have two attractions in the Disney Parks.

Seasonal Bear Jamboree

Once again, wait till the 50th. This especially would not take long to implement, as the old seasonal shows only took a few weeks to install. Out of the unannounced projects, I would place this as one of the more likely to actually happen.

Imagination 4.0

This was always supposed to be a later stage Epcot project, with rumors of it moving up only starting a couple weeks before the expo. Honestly, I don't think Epcot can handle another ride closing at the moment!