Weekly Rumor Update 8/9/19

Welcome back to our Weekly Rumor Update, bringing you the latest in theme park rumors and news. Its beginning to be the time when all the regional parks (and Disney) announce their upcoming rides, so lets dive right in.

Disney Secret Project

This so-called secret project will be announced at D23 and we have no idea what it is. None of the theme park projects we know of that are set to be announced are big enough to be this secret project. Maybe Disney solidified plans for the India Disneyland they hinted at earlier this year? Or this could be something having nothing to do with the theme parks.

Universal's Epic Universe

Universal Glove Orlando Resort at Night

This week we dug even deeper into the concept art, providing in-depth looks at rumors for each individual land except the hub, which will come out later this week. Check out this series of articles about what will be coming to this park and be sure to check back as this series will continue until the park opens to the public.


Figment Mountain Climber Journey Into Imagination Epcot

Even though this Epcot Pavilion was rumored to survive the first stage of the Epcot redesign, it now appears projects have shifted and it could be one of the earlier stage attractions to close. No rumors on what the replacement will be except that Figment will probably still be involved, although it is not known in what capacity.

Mystery at Animal Kingdom

Rumors are increasing of some kind of Animal Kingdom announcement being prepared for D23. It appears to be one of two things, a Zootopia land or a Jungle Book dark ride. There is also a third less likely option of a new ride being added to Dinoland, but I doubt that because there are no hot Disney dinosaur IPs. If Dinoland gets touched it will be removing the land.