Weekly Rumor Update 8/2/19

Weekly Rumor Update

Well, this was a week. We had several days of hype for a major Universal Parks announcement leading to an announcement of a new park with a piece of concept art. That's it.

Starting this week we are going to feature both Universal and Disney rumors in this series. Not every park will be included on a weekly basis, as it will depend on what new information is revealed, but any Disney or Universal theme park around the world could be featured in this series from week to week.

Universal's Epic Universe

We covered this extensively yesterday so be sure to check out the articles linked below for information on Universal's newly announced theme park. In the near future, we will be going into detail on what is expected for each of the lands.

Concept Art Released for Universal's Epic Universe

Islands of Adventure

It is no secret that Universal is building a new Jurassic Park/ World themed ride in Islands of Adventure, but we may have our first hint at a name for this coaster. It appears it may be called the Velocicoaster. Considering it is rumored to mainly feature Velociraptors this makes a look of sense. This is still early and it could still change at any time.