Hadestown Digital Lottery

Hadestown Broadway Musical Set

Hadestown is the reigning Best Musical Tony Award Winner on Broadway. Tickets are some of the hardest to get outside of Hamilton and they are really expensive. In fact, the show is so popular they recently canceled the Rush line. But there is a way to get low costs tickets to the show. The digital lottery.

The Walter Kerr Theatre Hadestown Best Musical

The digital lottery is run through Lucky Seat and you need to make an account on their website before you can enter the lottery.

Hadestown Musical Marquee The Walter Kerr Theatre

After you make an account you can enter the lottery for every Hadestown performance on Broadway in the next week. You also can increase your chances of winning by posting about the lottery on Facebook or Twitter.

Hadestown Stage Door Broadway

You can enter to win one or two tickets, and if you win they are available for purchase for $42.50 each. You will find out if you won at noon the day before the performance you entered and will be sent information on how to purchase tickets if you won.

Come See How The World Could Be Hadestown Banner Broadway

There are a couple of stipulations specific to this lottery. If you win you must purchase your tickets before 4pm the day before the performance. Your seats may not be together if you won two seats. Then you must pick up your tickets at the theater no more than two hours before the performance you are seeing.

If you want to see how the world could be in Hadestown this can be a great way to see the show without much planning.